Who we are

Welcome to Canvas Cultique. A brand and artist tattoo studio that embodies the preservation of good quality art. More importantly, the preservation of the artists themselves.

At Canvas Cultique you will find artists who do what they love with passion. We aim to give every person the best every time. With us you can be sure of a clean and safe environment.

More than just the average tattoo/piercing gallery, this is an artist space… A safe haven where committed tattoo artists can escape the monotony of their lives, even if for a week or two. A chance to work with different minds and walks of life, without the pressure of your everyday working environment.
In addition, the Canvas gallery will host regular exhibitions of art. Exposing different styles without exploiting the artists.
Canvas Cultique is a proud ‘Beyond Brand’ and plays host to a Beyond Body Modification branch.

We currently have studios in Alberton and Parkhurst.

What’s happening in Alberton

What’s happening in Parkhurst