Hey, I’m MJ. My tattooing style consists of anything from flowers to fine lines, to intricate detail. My love for tattooing is infinite. My passion stems from an early age of being artistic and a little bit strange. I never knew I would get into the industry until I stumbled onto its doorstep a few years back, and well, here I am. It’s the best decision I ever made in my life. My job makes me happy and I get to make others happy on an everyday basis.

Hope to see you soon xx

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Trystan Marshall

I’ve always been interest in visual art since I was really young, I’d switch from one hobby to the next but one thing that remained constant was that I always liked to draw.

When I was still really young, I saw a music video on MTV, it was a Papa roach music video, that was the first time I saw someone who was heavily tattooed, I saw this dude and I just thought he was so cool, and I wanted to be just like him.

Years later, I was around 16, I got my first tattoo.

Way bigger than my mom would have liked.

I was like “yup this is what I want to do”

After school I found an apprenticeship and I haven’t looked back, it definitely hasn’t been easy, but I love it.

I enjoy traditional, neo traditional, Japanese, and blackwork.

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Justin Barnard

Hey! You probably might have recognized my face in the movies — because I go to the movies a lot.

I go by the name Jimbo Jones (nods at The Simpsons as I’m a super fan of the show) and I am here to express, not impress.

I have slow danced with all art forms ever since I was a little boy, and passionately tattooing has taken the lead.

A hard flirt for bold lines, American traditional styles as well as all things obscure and different is what I love to do.

Be a human pin cushion and let me put forever art on you.

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Sarah Verna

I have been lucky enough to step into this incredible industry and I have found myself in the happiest place I have ever been in.

As a child and a teen I was always drawn to the more creative side of things but as life happens I was sucked up into the world of corporate at age 19. Having worked in corporate actually turned out to be a blessing (corporate Sarah would disagree) because it made me all the more appreciative of where I am today. Tattooing has brought me a reason to move forward everday and it has forced me to pull strings of creativity out of me that I didn’t even know existed.

I take a deep sense of pride and responsibility in knowing that what I do for a job will walk with people everday for the rest of their lives.

In saying that I’m not someone that takes myself too seriously and where I can I love to add my little quirks into my art and my tattoos. My tattooing goal is to become a new school artist that makes colorful, fun, personality filled pieces but I am prepared to try anything that comes through the door. I just love tattooing, man…I am so ready to make your dream tattoo a reality!

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Brandon Ray

My name is Brandon Ray! Straight out of high school I thought getting a degree would be the best way forward for my future and started studying part time, fast forward two years into a mechanical engineering degree and I hadn’t moved a step forward.

I started diving deeper and deeper into the weird and wonderful world of tattoos, the more I learnt about people being able to create such cool art that people get to carry around for the rest of their lives, the more fascinated I became. Having taken design and technical drawing in school, I decided to start working on my portfolio every single day, the more I drew the more it made sense to me that this is what I’m passionate about.

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Justin Reabow

Justin Reabow , from a young age pictures and drawings would occupy my mind as I fascinated over the imagery of all the books , movies , toys , cartoons , trading cards ,album covers etc I would be exposed to as I grew up .

I’ve always absorbed information more successfully through pictures instead of words and numbers . My attention would be lost in lectures in classes where I had to follow in a textbook or read stories  and I would be drawing pictures on whatever surface would take the ink of my pen or marker during that time , getting me into tons of trouble as you would imagine .

I’ve being working since out of high school and have had many jobs where I would be complacent and even lazy because I saw no promise in the picture I painted my life to be looked like .

Hard headed and stubborn I stopped allowing the pressure of societies idea of success and happiness  to keep me in this box that contained every creative gift I had been blessed with and putting off I ventured off into the unknown and looked for an apprenticeship to become a tattooer , it has helped me in so many ways grow as an artist and has a person teaching me to be disciplined , humble , respectful , compassionate and to never be afraid to chase what you are passionate about !

Aiming to be a versatile artist who doesn’t shy away from any challenges,  illustrative style Realism , ornamental  , and Custom lettering are my favourite styles to tattoo and make beautiful and unique to my client.

I hope to grow in humility and skill set and have my work known all over the world .

One tattoo at a time .

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