Together, three leaders of the industry have partnered up to create Premier Piercing Initiative, a quality body piercing and modification training facility that will undoubtedly elevate the skill set of body piercers in South Africa to a complete new level.

If you are already a piercer and want to upskill there are also modules available for you.

In South Africa there is a huge need for proper qualified piercers. Premier Piercing Initiative is a two week course with a 5 day assessment at the end to ensure the highest level of education is reached.



Jac entered the body modification industry 14 years ago and completed her Tattoo and Body Piercing apprenticeship under the guidance of Tattoo artist Phoenix Bay in 2007. In 2010, they established what was to become a well-known studio called Wyld at Heart Tattoo and Piercing cc.

After just a few years in the body piercing industry, Jac started receiving requests from prospective Body Piercing students for training. She soon realised that there is no formal structured education available for students wanting to learn Body Piercing in South Africa. She believes that it is the responsibility of the experienced Piercers in the South African industry to provide the best tuition possible to our students.

Jac is passionate about sharing her knowledge as a trainer and committed to developing the industry. She compiled a comprehensive theory manual and practical training guide.



Conrad is a highly experienced piercer and body modification artist in South Africa. This entrepreneur has spent the last decade building and running one of the top and most referred to body piercing studios in the country.

Conrad was the last apprentice to the late Eddie Graham, widely regarded as the best master piercer and body modification artist of South Africa at the time.

After many successes in the piercing industry, Conrad feels he is finally in a position to contribute his knowledge to making a difference. It has been a long-term goal of his to increase the amount of proper education to the local industry.

As such Conrad is committed to assisting and training individuals who see piercing and body modification as a vocation they would like to undertake.



Tattoo Addict is a trusted supplier to the tattoo and body piercing industry and has been supplying both industries with quality products since 2010. Like Conrad and Jac, Tattoo Addict is committed to providing world class education and training in order to develop the industry within the South African context.

We feel duty bound to ensure that we continue to uplift the quality of work and level of professionalism provided by body piercers in our country.



The EXECUTIVE PACKAGE includes training as well as all the sterilization equipment needed to start and set up your own Body Art business as well as jewelry, piercing tools and needles for up to 50 procedures.


The ESSENTIAL PACKAGE includes training plus all the jewelry, piercing tools and needles for up to 50 procedures.


The BASIC PACKAGE includes training only and assumes that you already have access to or work in an environment that provides you with the tools, sterilization equipment, jewelry and consumables needed to perform piercings in a hygienic and sterile manner.

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